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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 23, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello. welcome back to the newsroom. i'm claire pryde. this was an attack on free people everywhere says britain's prime minister in a statement to parliament. theresa may revealing that wednesday's attacker was british-born. arrestedple have been in raids in london and birmingham. the death toll has been revised to four including the killer. 40 people were injured.
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♪ claire: yesterday we saw the worst of humanity that we will remember the best. the words of theresa may in parliament after mps held a minute of silence. britain's prime minister describing the police officer who was killed outside parliament on wednesday as every inch the hero. -- a hero. the attacker was killed by police. he was british-born and once investigated by mi5. carilled two people with a and injured about 40. three french students, romanians and south koreans are among the injured. terrorismay an act of tried to silence our democracy. but today we meet as normal.
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have done before us and as future generations will continue to do. to deliver a simple message. we are not afraid. and our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism. and we meet here in the oldest of all parliaments because we know that democracy and the values it entails will always prevail. what i can confirm is that the man was british-born and that onceyears ago he was investigated by mi5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism. he was a peripheral figure. the case is historic. he was not part of the current intelligence picture. was no prior intelligence of his intent or of the plot. intensive investigations continue. claire: the queen has said her thoughts prayers and deepest
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sympathies are with all of those affected by yesterday's awful violence. london for he joins me now. theresa may has been praised by mps for the tone and language that she used in her statement earlier. >> yes. solidarity from a lot of mps and .ord many of them involved in yesterday's event. they were on lockdown for several hours. absolutely determined to make it here today. she called it an attack on free people. that's a message which has also been put out by the london mayor , they will not be cowed by terrorists. message from both is that we
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will not give in. the london mayor inviting people to show their solidarity in trafalgar square. is there is tight security in place. there are more armed officers on the streets in central london today. the terror threat level remains severe. apartssage really is that from this immediate zone around the path of westminster where things are still if not on lockdown they're under tight security apart from that it is business as usual here in london. claire: what can you tell us about the investigation? >> as you heard from theresa may, the apparent assailant is a british citizen. somebody she described as peripheral and who had been on the security services radar in the past.
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he was not deemed a significant threat. there have been a number of hour.s over the past eight arrests in total now. a minimum of six raids taking place here in london and birmingham. three people were taken in. the authorities being fairly tightlipped as to what extent these may be related. also tightlipped on the identity of the attacker. in terms of the victims, a few more details coming out. one of those killed was a spanish teacher. details on some of the young french people who were seriously injured. three of them are still being treated. the french prime minister was in parliament today. those young people were from a
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school trip. they were from the french region of brittany. claire: chris giving us an update from london. studio with me is our international affairs commentator. britain has been on a heightened terrorism alert for years. security is already very tight. now we are going to see more police on the streets. what more can britain do? >> we have been asking this question. all of these cities in the wake of these attacks. britain has been under the so-called severe threat alert which is four on a scale of five.
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attack is highly likely. it has been on that since august 2014. has meant that at various stages often following attacks elsewhere such as after the terrorist attacks in november 2015 600 more police officers were brought onto the streets of the capital of london bringing the total to about 2800. anybody who has traveled and been to london especially in the central locations you see the security and police presence on the street. beyond that visible presence you have things like mi6. yearhave hired just last 1000 new spies. who are basically being enlisted into the counterterrorism fight and also to be able to use these new digital tools.
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beyond that you have had parliament on the legislative level passing as recently as --ember a very stringent some civil liberties people have criticized this law as draconian. some of the toughest surveillance measures now in existence in europe. perhaps in the world. police and intelligence services a lot more power to tap phones and computers. aey can't do it without warrant. there has been criticism of that measure and some people applauding it depending on where you stand on the security versus civil liberties divide. you can hardly fault britain for not taking a lot -- often stringent measures in order to provide security. london is a vast city. we have been seeing a tiny part of the very center of london. sayingcurity people there is no such thing as
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failsafe security. you cannot possibly short of putting a force field around the city and even within it cut off london entirely and provide absolutely hundred percent security. it has been very security conscious. the intelligence service said it expects more terrorist attacks. they are on the radar of the islamic state group. let's underscore the fact that there has not been a formal claim of responsibility from the islamic state group. claire: theresa may said police are running on the assumption that the attacker acted alone. >> this is now more of a familiar refrain in the wake of a lot of attacks. -- in the saw this case of brussels last year, yesterday was the one year anniversary. the islamic state group claimed formal responsibility afterward. as we know with the pair attacks. there was -- paris attacks.
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and had been trained dispatched to commit the attacks. the islamic state group, they take a multilayered approach to organizing these things. says theesa may attacker presumed he was inspired by islamist extremist islamist ideology over the internet perhaps, what do you do about that? can you have eyes on everyone? is it humanly possible to do that? even if you do, is it always an indication that someone is about to commit an attack? it's very easy to sound the faultand say we need to the security forces and say things weren't secure enough. at the end of the day you often very loosely inspired people in the loosely made networks.
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it's hard to actually pin it down. and with all the spies extra surveillance and police on the ground. there are no easy answers and this is why it provokes such a heated and often very violent debate. claire: thank you. among the injured are three french students. the french foreign minister making a stop in london after a meeting on the islamic state group in washington. >> it's a new tragedy. forget the british
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people when france was attacked in paris in a different region. i want to say my gratitude again to the british people. together against violence, against terrorism. this is my message today. we must continue to fight. what the french prime minister had to say about wednesday's attack in westminster and the french victims. >> at this point we know there are three dead and 40 injured third among the injured are three french high school students who came to visit the city of london on a school trip and crossed the path of a fanatical assassin.
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the other schoolchildren on the trip will be brought back to france today except for the three injured who will continue receiving medical care in london. 400,000 people are trapped in mosul's old city in siege conditions as efforts to rid mosul of the islamic state group continue. the east was liberated in january. the west more densely populated. release --igh of release for these iraqi families. to a displaceded camp in search of food and medical care. the camp was false and they gave me a box of food and told me to sit and wait. >> men wait for clearance after careful identity checks. as fighting rages between iraqi
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forces and the islamic state caughtcivilians are are in the crossfire with limited access to supplies. we left because of the shelling. bombs and bullets are still reaching us. there is no working food. that's what forced us to leave. of thes are warning camps reaching full capacity. doctors without borders director decried the alarming situation. >> there are about 150,000 we arein camps and expecting hundreds of thousands of people more. we also see children with malnutrition. the united nations side 22% increase in the last week alone and expects more in the coming days. nowre: time for business with brian quinn. talks between australia and
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china. >> the chinese prime minister arrived in australia wednesday for a visit by the high -- chinese official. looking to expand bilateral trade ties between the nations with new agreements on beef exports and energy. they're also expected to discuss a possible regional trade pact to fill the gap left by the transpacific partnership. australia was an enthusiastic supporter of the tpp which was scuttled by the trump administration in washington. australia and china work together to counter the rising tide of protectionism. of course free trade can only thrive in a peaceful and stable environment. know thisountries well and we believe china has much to contribute to global peace and prosperity in this time of rapid change. an iconicere is
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american department store chain facing possible shutdown. >> sears is a major figure in the u.s. dating back to 1886. it is one of the most famous names in the history of american retail. a changing marketplace with major shifts in shopping preferences has hit u.s. department stores hard. even the continued existence of sears is uncertain. once the giant of american retail, today the future of sears is in doubt. the company hasn't made a profit since 2011 and on wednesday shares fell by more than 12%. products across a huge range of sectors including appliances and toys. analysts say its failure to adapt to the modern marketplace including the rise of online shopping has contributed to its decline. >> sears has finally reached a
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point where the potential for it as a company to continue to exist either as a retailer or financial institution is just all gone. there has been so much change in 12, 18, 24he last months. especially this last holiday when shoppers around this country have chosen to spend their money differently. holdings lost a staggering $2 billion last year. the company announced a plan to slash costs. employs 140 thousand people across the state and executives are hoping to save a further one point $5 billion. sears is not the only department store struggling to remain competitive in 2017. other stores have been shattering shops with macy's announcing a closure of more than 100 stores.
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sears will begin closing outlets next month in a bid to stay afloat. claire: how are the markets looking? >> looking ahead to a vote in the u.s. congress on health care. that will be seen as a bellwether for the trump administration's economic plans. british retailers doing well despite mixed earnings reports. the frankfurt dax also recovering from slips in the morning to show some gains midday. retail shares are up in london. the uk's office of national statistics has just released retail sales figures for february and they beat expectations by a significant margin. over are up over 1.4% january. consecutivees after
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months of declining sales. verizon and at&t have suspended their advertising on youtube and other non-search google properties over concerns their ads have appeared next to videos promoting terror and hate. move follows similar suspensions by a number of british companies. google has pledged policy updates and a hiring spree to deal with the situation. amazon has reportedly agreed to buy one of the middle east's best online retailers. young consumers are fueling a boon in e-commerce. the dubai-based company is the largest e-commerce site in the arab world. time for the press review.
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today we are talking about yesterday's terrorist attack in london and many of the papers in the u.k. have the same photo on their front page. of the haveve a variation same photo. let's take a look at the times. you can read the headline. assault on westminster. this is the wide shot of this photo you can see both the assailant and the fatally wounded police officer. the same photo on the front pages of the british papers. the guardian chose to focus on the police officer on the ground. terror in westminster. you can see they are focusing on one mp who has gotten a lot of attention today, tobias ellwood being hailed as a hero for trying to help and save this police officer. front-page news
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in great britain. around the world, the front page of a german paper. you can see this photo with the mp. today this headline in english, terror in westminster. claire: other papers talklking about the attacker. >> let's take a look at some tabloids in the u.k. particularly the daily mail talking about an attack on democracy with this photo. the daily telegraph has a similar picture on their front quote from the prime minister. we will never allow evil to drive us apart. arere: that's what we seeing in many editorials as well. indeed. this strike at parliament took aimed directly at the heart of british democracy but it must be
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kept in proportion. that word is very important. it must not be allowed to divide us from one another. the purpose of terror is to spread hate and division. first protection against all of this must be solidarity. you can find that in the telegraph as well. even as we mourn those killed we must deny terrorists the disproportionate reaction that they seek i carrying out this kind of attack. you can get the sense of keep calm and carry on. the trademark we hear a lot about england. spanish paper is saying, this is a real test for british authorities and theresa may. let's hope this will be the hour of britain's stiff upper lip. that is kind of a stereotype of british people.
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possible according to the spanish paper that british politicians will use this to argue in favor of tougher anti-immigration measures. claire: police are saying they believe the attacker acted alone and that he was inspired by international terrorism. >> that is definitely the direction the investigation is taking. infamous lead is being followed by the popolice. there's a feeling in a lot of papers that it was just a matter of time for this kind of attack to take place in london. the wall street journal says the u.k. had been spared a major terrorist attack since the london bombings of 2005. you can see this article today saying with this bloodshed, a low from terrorism is ending in the u.k.. we have seen similar attacks in in europe.s
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lots of papers are focusing on this new kind of terrorism we are seeing. this paper talks about a low-cost terrorism. lone wolves carrying out these attacks perhaps all by themselves. saw the attack on the christmas market in berlin and in nice on bastille day. nice on bastille day. claire: people paying tribute to the victims and this police officer who was stabbed. many tributes in the papers. you can read a portrait of him in the independent. he has been identified as he's palmer. -- keith palmer. a lot of people have taken to
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social media to pay tribute to him. several police officers taking to social media to pay tribute. someone even tweeted a photo with the union jack to pay tribute to the officer. an outpouring of emotion on social media. this image is something we have been seeing a lot on social media. the slogan, we are not afraid. you will not break us, only bring us closer together. another image that was tweeted quite a lot. andcan see a big ben london. this person tweeting, together we stand with london. there were a lot of cartoons that were shared today on social media. this was in the scottish herald. this is the skyline of london.
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is located youer can see the candles representing that attack. beene: world leaders have condemning the attack and offering condolences. jr.his is donald trump the president's son took aim at the mayor of london with this tweet. you have got to be kidding me, terror attacks are part of living in a big city > says lonn mayor. from quite some time ago. last year was an article about the preparedness for the possibility of a terrorist attack. he said at the time, we have to be ready for these kind of things when we live in a big city. yesterday he said londoners will never be cowed by terrorism. not at all what is being tweeted here. a lot of people were outraged by this tweet. from the labour party
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directly tweeted to trump jr. calling him a disgrace, saying he is using this for his own political gain. claire: indeed. thank you very much.
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